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Ride to Bi County Fair in Prewitt NM

Albuquerque – Grants – Milan – Prewitt – Casamero Ruins

Ride to see the Bi County Fair –west on I 40 to the Mesita exit, then east on Old RT 66 to NM 124 and NM 122 past Milan to Prewitt, then on to Co RD 19 and the Casamero Ruins. Return trip east on I 40

The ride was 211 miles with about 3 1/2 hours of ride time.

Saturday September 31, 2013

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We had a family event planned for Sunday and my Football draft was on Monday. If I was going to get to ride this weekend it had to be on Saturday. I gave some thought about going to the Hatch Chile Festival, but we did that last year. Then I found the Bi County in Prewitt NM, an event I’ve never attended before.
After a good breakfast we got on the Interstate and headed east. I exited at Mesita and took the side roads (old RT 66) to Grants. These back roads make the ride a little longer, but the views are better and there are no semi trucks to deal with.
After filling up in Milan we rode east on NM 122 about 20 miles to Prewitt.
The Bi-County Fair takes place every year over Labor Day weekend in Prewitt, NM. The fair is for both McKinley and Cibola counties.
The biggest crowd was at the pig competition. Not knowing what to look for in a prize pig made it a little hard for me to follow. But for most of the other spectators it seemed to be an exciting and close contest.
I found the horseshoe contest easier to follow, but we were the only spectators.
After we left the fair we rode over to the Casamero ruins, they are just a few miles from Prewitt.
 After walking around the ruins we started for home. Because my daughter had friends coming over, we rode straight back on I 40 to save time.
It was nice day for a ride, this can be a very windy area and today it was calm. The fair was fun, I really enjoy the sense of community found in small town events. The Bi County Fair is one I will do again.

US 191 Day 10-Ride to Albuquerque NM

Buena Vista – Alamosa – Santa Fe – Albuquerque

The ride was 300 miles with about 5 hours of ride time.

Saturday July 27, 2013

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We were up and packed and ready for the road by 6:30. This is our last leg and I’m ready to be back home. We took US 285 south and used the CO 17 short cut to save some miles.

Our last meal together on this trip is going to be at the Campus Cafe. The Campus Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat. The only problem is that it’s over 200 miles from my house.

We started off with their cinnamon roll as our breakfast appetizer.

We warned Chuck that three pieces of french toast was too much to eat at the Campus Cafe, but he wouldn’t listen. We got a good laugh watching him try to eat all his food.

We gassed up and started for home, these last 200 miles are mostly a blur. I’ve ridden this road many times and I may have gone into auto pilot. As we neared Albuquerque I started feeling nervous about getting a ticket or having an accident this close to home. At home the first thing we did was unpacked and dry our gear, then we repacked it for the next trip. Now it was time to start dealing with all the problems waiting for me at home. My adventure was over and real life was back in full force.

US 191 Day 01-Ride to Tombstone AZ

Albuquerque  –Socorro – Reserve – Safford – Tombstone

The ride was 439 miles with about 8 hours of ride time.

Thursday July 18, 2013


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The sun was just starting to rise as we prepared to start on our cross country trip. It was overcast and cool, so cool I had to wear a sweatshirt. It was strange for my hands to get cold  in July even with my gloves on. I’m not complaining it’s always better cool then hot.

We rode south on I 25 to Socorro, stopped for gas and then went west on US 60. There was construction and we were stopped for a few minutes near the intersection for Water Canyon.

We hit the VLA about 10 miles before we turned on to NM 12. Every time I see these giant dishes pointed at the sky, looking to expand our knowledge I’m fill with wonder.

The overcast day provided amazing views as we went south on NM 12. The road was covered in gravel, making the going a little slower than normal.

We stopped in Reserve to fill up and looked at the sculpture of Elfago Baca. This was a very interesting man, the Billy Jack of his day.

We rode south US 160, then started west on NM 78. NM 78 was a great ride, it took us across some rolling plains and down into a wooded valley where we crossed into Arizona.

We went south on US 191 for about 50 miles today, we will re-ride this stretch of road going north tomorrow. When we got into Tombstone we went the the Tombstone Court House Museum.

Then we walked to the Crystal Place for a late lunch.

After eating we stopped at one of the shops and fired a few rounds of paint loads from a revolver.

On our way back to our camp we visited Boothill.

Back at the Tombstone RV and Horse park we set up camp and started uploading our pictures.

The first day is in the books.