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US 191 Day 09-Ride to Buena Vista, CO

Keystone – Custer – Fort Laramie – Cheyenne – Denver – Buena Vista

The ride was 515 miles with about 8.5 hours of ride time.

Friday July 26, 2013

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My day started with flashes of lighting and rumbling thunder, slapping me awake around 4:00, this was followed by the rain. I was hopping it would stop before it was time for us to leave, but it didn’t. Chuck’s tent leaked and he woke up soaking wet.

We packed wet and were on the road by 6:30, we left Keystone and drove into fog for a few miles, followed by rain. At the edge of the mountains the rain stopped and the wind started. The crosswind would stay with us for most of the day.

When we stopped for gas in Lusk WY and I was already beat. We bought some T-shirts at a local shop and got started for Cheyenne.

We ate lunch in Cheyenne at Poor Richards, it was a top ranked restaurant in Google. The food was very good and we all enjoyed our lunch. It was some of the best food we had on our trip.

The ride to Denver was very trying, it took us 3.5 hours to go 100 miles. We were driving in Friday afternoon rush hour stop and go traffic. The James Taylor song “Damn this Traffic Jam” kept repeating in my head. One guy in a white truck almost ran Chuck and I off the road. This ride really tested me. I made a huge mistake in planning the ride, I took us through Denver on a Friday afternoon. Lesson learned.

It was just after 6 when we got to Buena Vista. Chuck decided that his gear was too wet to use and got a hotel room. My daughter and I set up our camp and did laundry before going to dinner. After dinner we showered and used our computers in the rec room. We camped at the Snowy Peaks, it was very nice.

This ride was a hard one. But now that’s it’s over the one thing I will always remember about this day, will be the rainbow we saw at the edge of the Black Hills. It was better than Rushmore and it cost less.

US 191 Day 07-Ride to Hardin MT

Fort Peck – Miles City – Hardin – Little Big Horn

The ride was 293 miles with about 5 hours of ride time.

Wednesday July 24, 2013


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About 3:00 in the morning a loud horn started blowing, at first I thought it was a car alarm, but it was too loud. Just as my ears starting really hurting it stopped, never found out what was causing it. We slept in till almost 7:00 giving us a later start than normal, but today is a short ride.

Our first stop was Terry MT, it was a 123 miles out and the first gas on our route. After filling up we went to the Dizzy Dinner for breakfast. My daughter had a small man and I had a middle man breakfast. The furniture in the dinner was from the 40’s or 50’s and Chuck found it fascinating.

Then we rode to Miles City and made a stop at Walmart, to do a little shopping, we got things like sunscreen, bug spray, quick food for snacks and a air pump that plugs into a cigarette lighter.

From Miles City it was 120 miles to Hardin our next camping spot. We checked in and dropped off our gear. Then we went to see Little Bighorn battlefield.

At Little Bighorn we listened to a talk about the battle, then we toured the museum. We rode out to the hill where Reno fought, I was surprised at how far away it was from where Custer died.

We got back to the Hardin KOA and rested. This park had great facilities and we took advantage of them. The owners of the park let us hang out in the rec room where we ordered in a pizza for dinner and relaxed. After dinner we attended an Ice Cream Social they held by the pool for a local charity.

US 191 Day 06-Ride to Fort Peck

Big Timber – Lewistown – Canadian Border – Fort Peck

The ride was 431 miles with about 7.5 hours of ride time.

Tuesday July 23, 2013


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We got up and started packing around 6:00, we were ready to get a start on the day that was going to take us the the Canadian border.


After riding back into Big Timber we started north on US  191. My expectation was for lots of empty flat countryside. Boy was I wrong. The views were not as spectacular as the last few days, but much better than I’m used to seeing. In Harlowton we stopped at a local store for some supplies. We asked the clerk the best place in town to eat and she sent us to a place on the edge of town, it was closed. This was the second time on this trip we had been recommended a restaurant that was out of business.


We stopped at the McDonalds in Lewistown for breakfast. I bought a one gallon gas can to make sure my thirsty bike would make the next town. It was 135 mile leg without a town or gas station and I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out of gas.


About 49 miles out of Lewistown we saw a sign that told motorcycles to seek an alternate route because of road repair. We talked briefly about what to do and then pressed on US 191. In New Mexico they will detour you to muddy rutted roads for miles without warning. My imagination went wild with how bad it was going to be if they wanted us to reroute. When we finally got to the area with the road work, it was 30 feet of hard gravel. I felt relieved and a little cheated.


In Malta we gased up and talked with some other riders headed for Glacier National Park. We only had 60 more miles to go, I felt excited and ready to get riding on this last leg.


When we reached the border Chuck crossed into Canada and on his way back asked if we could go to the border for pictures. We weren’t going to cross into Canada because my daughter doesn’t have a passport. The crossing guard allowed us to ride to the middle of no mans land for some pictures.


On the sixty miles back to Malta I couldn’t stop smiling. We did it, we rode from one border to the other just using US 191.

When we got to our next camp we broke out some apple cider and had a toast to our cross country ride.

After setting up our camp we went to Park Grove for dinner. It was a small bar and the only place for miles. The food was passable and the service was great.

The food was so cheap at this place Chuck got two plates of food for his dinner. After our meal  we rode to the nearest fuel ( 9 miles north) , so we could fill up for the next day ride. It was going to be 135 miles before we found a gas station in the direction we were headed.

After gassing up, we came back to camp, showered and got into the tents to avoid the bugs.

This was a great day, we did what I’m guessing few people have done. We crossed the United States using only US 191. This highway passes through deserts, forests, plains and more cities than I can remember. US 191 took us over several mountain passes and past many lakes both large and small. Most of US 191 passes through remote empty country and when you find a town, it’s usually very small.