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Ride on NM 6

Albuquerque – Laguna – Los Lunas – Isleta – Albuqerque

Ride on NM 6 – Took I 40 west about 30 miles to NM 6, then South on NM 6 to Los Lunas, then north on NM 314, then east on NM 147, then north on NM 47 to Albuquerque

The ride was 100 miles with a 2 hour ride time

May 12, 2012

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Ride to Los Lunas

Albuquerque – Las Lunas – NM 6

Ride to Coors Cafe for breakfast, then south on NM 45 to NM 314 and Los Lunas, west on NM 6 to I 40, east on I 40

Ride was about 100 miles with a 2 hour ride time.

February 19, 2012

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Almost every Sunday either my daughter or wife takes a ride with me for breakfast. Most of these rides are around town, or less than 50 miles and I don’t post them. This Sunday my daughter ask if we could take a longer ride.

Ride on Christmas Day to Corrales

Albuquerque – Bernalillo – Corrales

Ride north on  I 25, then east NM 556 to NM 313, right on NM 550, then left on NM 528, left on NM 448, left on NM 528 back to the Interstate

December 25, 2011

Ride was 50 miles with a ride time of 1 hour and 15 minutes 

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Every year my family gets together on Christmas eve, we open presents and then eat dinner at La Placita in Old Town. For Christmas the Old Town neighborhood lines it’s streets with luminarias. It’s both beautiful and so popular that sold out bus tours drive around the area most of the night. Our family tradition makes  our Christmas one day early and Christmas day open, but with everything closed, we usually just stay home.