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Crossing the USA on US 191

On Thursday I start my ride across the USA on US 191 with my daughter and Chuck Lane. Here is Google Map of our route.

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For last few years I’ve rode local highways while dreaming of crossing the US from north to south and east to west. Time or money has always kept me fairly close to home. It’s always easier not to complete what some people might consider a crazy idea. However I’m lucky because my wife supports me, even if she doesn’t always understand why.

I’m about to expand my known universe by thousands of miles and fill my head with lifelong memories. To say I’m excited about this adventure would be an understatement. For the last few days I’ve woke up early, my head filled with thoughts about the trip. I’ve been worried that something was going to come up at the last minute and prevent me from going. Like on Monday when a short fused a fuse and started melting wires. Smoke coming from my headlight and the bike not starting put some fear into me about going.

Last week we packed the bike and took a small ride. We just wanted to make sure everything we needed fit on the bike.


The three of us will be riding over 3800 miles in 10 days and crossing the United States from Mexico to Canada using a single highway. There are still a few highways that cross America that haven’t been turned into Interstates, US 191 is one of those highways. US 191 is technically made up of two parts. The southern part is 1,465 miles from Douglas, Arizona on the Mexican border to the southern edge of Yellowstone. The northern section of the highway runs for 440 miles  from Yellowstone’s northern border to Loring, Montana, at the Canadian border. The road is unnumbered within Yellowstone National Park and it connect the two branches. This highway crosses America only passing through 4 states (Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana).

After we get to the Canadian border we will start south visiting Little Big Horn, Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore before heading home.

I’m going to attempt take pictures and post ride reports while we are on the trip. It’s my plan to share in my adventure as others who posted their trips did with me. Reading those reports provided the inspiration for my own dream rides.


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