What are Motorcycle Ride / Road Reports?

Build this site as a way for me to document my motorcycle rides as reports and share them with others.

At first I was just going to make ride reports and keep them for myself. Using the information to help plan future rides or just read them to recall my experiences.

One of the things I like to do online is search through motorcycle forums looking for posts describing other bikers rides. Looking at their pictures and reading about what they did, always creates a moment of daydream with me in the saddle. Sometimes knowing I’ll never see those same views or other times, promising myself, one day I’ll do that ride.

It was these other bikers sharing their rides that lead me to making a site where you can post ride reports. It’s my hope this site become a place bikers can find information about a ride they are planning or inspired to plan. Maybe just as important the reports will bestow a small part of the bikers adventure with the readers.


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  1. Rodney Konn says:

    Hi! I’ve just stopped by to thank you for this nice info. Take care!

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