US 191 Day 08-Ride to Keystone SD

Hardin – Buffalo – Gillette – Devil’s Tower – Spearfish – Deadwood – Mount Rushmore – Keystone

The ride was 383 miles with about 6.5 hours of ride time.

Thursday July 25, 2013

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At night the wind blew so hard it would collapse our tent, then it would spring back. One group of tent campers left in the middle of the night for a hotel because of the wind.

We got up, were dressed, packed and ate breakfast at McDonald’s all before 7:00. There was a full day of riding with sightseeing in front of us and we needed an early start.

On my last trip through Gillette I ate breakfast at Lula Belle’s, it was a great meal, but because it was breakfast I did not try the pie ( it looked so good). So I promised myself the next time I got to Gillette I’d stop in and get some pie.

It was only around 9:30 when we got to Lula Belle’s but we all had pie. My pie was delicious, it was everything I’d hope it would be even after hours of anticipation.

Next we rode up to the Devil’s Tower after taking some pictures we took SD 24 and US 85 into Spearfish staying off the Interstate.

After filling our tanks in Spearfish we took SD 14 (the longer route) to get to Keystone. We made several quick stops for pictures on these roads.

After checking in and quickly set up our camp for the night we rode to Rushmore. We spent lots of time trying to make a picture with our heads the same size as the presidents. People were taking pictures of me laying on the ground trying to get the right shot.

On the way back to camp we stopped at Teddy’s Deli for dinner. I had the Reuben and some buffalo bites. The buffalo bites were buffalo jerky with raisins mixed in it.

After a long day we got back to the camp. Our camp site got a great WIFI signal but the internet was so slow it was not usable. But I was so tired I just fell asleep.


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  1. Great post and pictures. We just back from there in July. It was the best ride I have ever been on. We are ready to go back… soon.

    Ride safe…

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