Ride from Grants to Cuba NM

Albuquerque – Grants – Pueblo Pintado – Cuba – Bernalillo 

Ride from Grants to Cuba–west on I 40 to the NM 117 exit, then old RT 66 through Grants to NM 605, north to NM 509, north on ISR 9 that becomes NM 197 to Cuba, south on US 550 to Bernalillo, south on NM 313 to Albuquerque

The ride was 282 miles with about 5 1/2 hours of ride time.

Saturday May 18, 2013

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Last week when riding to Casamero Ruins I came across several roads that I wanted to further explore. This part of New Mexico has unique type of beauty, it’s dry hot/cold, windy and empty.     However some of the views I experienced last week motivated me to try out these roads.
Took the Interstate out to Grants, then went north on NM 605. From Grants to Cuba it’s a 118 miles and there are no stores or gas stations. Make sure you have everything you need to make the drive (water-gas) before leaving Grants.
After 18 miles you will come to NM 509, here you make a left and continue north. When I got home I was very disappointed in my pictures on this trip. They totally failed in relaying the vista’s that I experienced along this route.
On NM 509 you find a couple of underpass built to take heavy equipment across the road for the mines.
 NM 509 takes  past several interesting sandstone formations carved by mother nature.
At ISR 9 you take and right for the last leg into Cuba.
In Cuba I filled up and started south on US 550 for home. This is a great time of year to ride these highways, just before the heat of summertime. The hot sun would take some of the joy out of riding this route.
This loop makes a perfect day ride. You get started by 7:00 and you can be home in time for lunch. The roads between Grants and Cuba takes you across land that is still wild and untamed with almost nobody else around.

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