Ride on NM 6

Albuquerque – Laguna – Los Lunas – Isleta – Albuqerque

Ride on NM 6 – Took I 40 west about 30 miles to NM 6, then South on NM 6 to Los Lunas, then north on NM 314, then east on NM 147, then north on NM 47 to Albuquerque

The ride was 100 miles with a 2 hour ride time

May 12, 2012

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With Mother’s Day this weekend, riding on Sunday was out for me. On Saturday, I had planned on riding north to Angel Fire with a group, but that ride canceled Friday night because of the weekend rain storms. When I woke up at 6:00, it looked clear and cool outside, perfect riding weather. After the ride canceled I promised to take my wife to breakfast, but I had a few hours before she would be up and ready to go, plenty of time for a quick ride.

After checking the weather on the computer for where it was raining, I rode east out of Albuquerque on I 40. I took the exit for the RT 66 casino and made a quick stop at the Rio Puerco bridge.

As a child I remember this bridge marking the beginning of our family adventures, by passing this landmark we were officially on the road.

After driving another 10 miles west I exited I 40 onto NM 6. NM 6 is a 30 mile highway, used to bypass Albuquerque for traffic going west from I-25 or south from I 40.

The scenery on NM 6 varies depending on the direction you are riding, both way offer expansive vistas to enjoy. I’ve ridden this road more times than I can remember, yet each time I find something new to grab my attention.

In Los Lunas I start north on NM 314 staying off the interstate, at NM 147 I headed east and passed along the edge of Isleta to NM 47.

The ride felt short and it took lots of self control not to extent my route. By the time I got home my wife was up and ready for breakfast. When I asked where would she like to eat, she said, “I don’t care, but can we take the bike?”. My reply was “sure, but I will have to stop for gas”. Sometimes things just work out.

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