Ride from Monument Valley Utah to Albuquerque NM

Monument Valley – Mexican Hat – Four Corners – Farmington – Chama – Cuba – Albuquerque

Ride from Monument Valley to Albuquerque —Took US 163 north to UT162/CO41, then west on US 160, then east on US 64 to Chama, then east on US 84 to NM96, then south on NM96 to US 550, then south to NM 313, then south to Albuquerque

This is the forth day of a four day trip.

To see the first daysecond day or third day click the link.

The ride was 450 miles with a 9 hour ride time.

The total for the four day trip was 1,500 miles.

May 06, 2012

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The whole group was up and had their bikes packed before 7:00.
We mounted up and rode over to the Goulding Lodge for breakfast.
The lodge sits high on the side of the valley providing it a wonderful view of Monument Valley.
Our waitress was very friendly and went out of her way to make us happy.
I had their version of havous ranchos, it was two eggs on fry bread covered with green chilie and served with a side of ham, cut across the bone.
After breakfast we rode north on US 163 to the spot where the movie character Forest Gump stopped his run. Andy collected some dirt from near the sign.
The view back into the Monument valley was worth the stop.
We continued on US 163 past Mexican Hat and rode briefly on US 191 to UT 161/CO 41. We stopped in Aneth for gas. I said my good-by’s to most of the group as three of us were splitting off at US160. At US 160 we went right to Four Corners, the rest of the group went left to Shiprock.
After standing in four states at once, we started talking about how we wanted to ride home. We decided to take US 64 into the mountains and past Chama and onto US 84. On this part of the ride Chuck set a pace right at 3000 RPM, taking me the furthest my bike has ever gone on one tank of gas.
After going over 3 hours without a break it felt good to take a short break to work out the kinks. We followed US 84 south to Abiquiu Lake and then rode south on NM 96 to US 550 and Cuba. We filled up in Cuba and then picked up the pace for the rest of the ride back into Albuquerque. After leaving Four Corners we only stopped for gas, so I didn’t take any more pictures. The area around Chama was very green, saw lots of deer and cattle and the clouds kept it from becoming too hot.
This was a great adventure, I got to meet a group of experienced riders that treated like they had known me for years. They are enjoying life and they let me tag along and experience it with them.

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