Ride from Cannonville Utah to Monument Valley

Cannonville – Glendale – Kanab – Page – Kayenta – Monument Valley

Ride from Cannonville to Monument with overnight at Gouldings Campground/Lodge—Took UT 12 west to US 89 south to Kanab, then south on US89a to UT 98, then east to US 160, then east on US 160 to US 163 to Monument Valley

This is the third day of a four day trip.

To see the first day, second day or forth day click the link.

The ride was 324 miles with a 6 1/2 hours ride time.

The total for the four day trip was 1,300 miles.

May 05, 2012

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It was cold (below 30) when I climbed out of the sleeping bag to get my day started. The sun was just hitting the canyon wall as I finished getting my gear packed.
It was still below freezing when I started to ride and the cold air was really biting.
I still had about 20 miles of UT12 to ride through Dixie National Forest. The early morning light really made this part of the ride special and provided me with some spectacular vistas.
One section of the highway passed right through the middle of a large rock formation twice.
Just a few miles after turning south on US 89 in the town of Hatch I saw a plastic waitress standing next to the road. The cold air and the waitress beckoned to me like a siren’s call  to stop and eat.
It was the Galaxy Dinner that used that charmer on skates to called me in for breakfast.  I ordered sausage and eggs with a biscuit . The eggs were well cooked and the biscuit was flaky and light.
After breakfast, I was back riding south US 89. As I was passing through Glendale there were several painters working on their craft next to the road.
This is what they were painting!
Next I saw a rock shop, built to look like a rock.
Then further down the road I can upon a small pond that sat right up against the canyon wall, it even had a boat in it.
After filling up in Kanab up I talked with a local about the most scenic road to take to Page (US89 or US89a). They recommended US 89A, so that was the road I took, it added a few miles to my day.
US 89A took me into the mountains past Jacob Lake, then dropped down into a valley filled with interesting rock formations.
 US89A then crossed a deep canyon created by Colorado river using the Navajo bridge.
When I got to Page I stopped at the McDonald and tried to use their Internet, but I couldn’t get logged in. After a few minutes and a quick burger I was back on the road.
When I got to US 160 my sense of direction was totally gone, while I followed the signs, it still felt like I was going the wrong direction.  I’m not sure how I got turned around, but I did and it was it very disconcerting.
After gassing up in Kayenta I started north on US 163 into Monument Valley. The rock formations lining the road provided me some great views on the ride into the valley. As I rode into Goulding’s Lodge Camp Ground I rejoined the group just as they were starting to set up their camp.
After setting up camp and eating dinner we sat around a campfire telling stories as the full moon started to light up the sky.

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