Ride from Carlsbad to Albuquerque

Carlsbad – Artesia – Roswell – Hondo – Lincoln – Capitan – Carrizozo – Socorro – Belen – Albuquerque

Ride from Carlsbad to Albuquerque with a stops in Artesia for a car show with breakfast at Chaos and lunch in Belen at Harla Mays – Took US 285 north to US 380, then west to I 25, south to exit 175, then south on NM 116 to Belen, then east on Main St to NM 47, north to Albuquerque.

Ride was 325 miles with about 6 hour riding time.

The first day can be found here. 

The second day can be found here.

This was the third day of a three day trip.

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I woke up just before the sun hit our tent. I’ve found that I’m getting a higher quality night’s sleep in a tent then I ever got in a hotel room. The tent is much less convenient, long walks to the bathroom, cramped space and no chairs. However, I’m really starting to like it.

We packed the bike and rode north on US 285 to Artesia. In Artesia we made our way to the “Derrick Floor” The Derrick Floor is sculpture done in bronze of a four-man crew on a drilling rig.

This is a very impressive piece of art, the drilling rig is a 100% life-size, the men are 125% life size and all around it’s base is a fountain.

Downtown Artesia was hosting a car show and we stopped to looked at the cars. I thought it would be a small show with just a few cars.

The car show was huge, it took up several blocks and a couple of parking lots. They were displaying hundreds of cars from towns all over the state, it was worth seeing.

After spending a couple hours in Artesia we were getting hungry, so we went to the Chaos Cafe for breakfast. While my daughter loved her breakfast, I found mine eatable and was not impressed.

After breakfast we continued north on US 285 to Roswell. In Roswell we gassed up and started west on US 380.

This route using US 380 took us through Hondo and Lincoln. We stopped at the courthouse in Lincoln where Billy the Kid made has famous jail break. We also rode through Capitan, where Smokey the Bear was born, but we didn’t stop.

We stayed on US 380 back to I 25, this stretch of US 380 was a little windy, but we made good time to Socorro, where we gassed up for the last time.

We left I 25 at US 60 and took NM 116 into Belen. We stopped for a late lunch at Harla May’s Fat Boy Grill and split some green chilie strips and a burger. This is one of our favorite stops and the food was good, as always.

When we left the restaurant, it was was so pleasant outside, we took the slower NM 47 the rest of the way into Albuquerque. This trip with my daughter was a first-rate adventure, leaving us both with a bunch of “remember when’s”.

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