Ride to Lamy

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Clines Corners  –  Lamy – Galisteo – Madrid

Ride to Lamy with a stop at the museum in Moriarty — Took NM 333 to Moriarty, then I 40 to Clines Corners, north on US 285 to Lamy, then south on NM 41 to Galisteo, south on NM 14 back to I 40

Ride was 160 Miles with 3 1/2 hours ride time.

Saturday March 17, 2012 

There are several ways you can get to Santa Fe from Albuquerque. The most common route to Santa Fe is I 25, however my favorites are NM 4, NM 14 and NM 41. One other highway leading to Santa Fe is US 285, it starts north from Clines Corners and requires you to travel 50 miles east before starting north to Santa Fe.
For this trip, I’m taking a loop that will have me ride east to US 285 and then north almost to Santa Fe.  I started the ride by following NM 333 to Moriarty. For the first 20 miles I rode behind a group of about 20 motorcycles before they exited to the Interstate.
The City of Moriarty was named for the first permanent family to settle in the community in the early 1900’s. In 1953 the city combined with another small town (Buford) at the intersection of US 66 and NM 41 to form the current city.
I’ve rode through Moriarty several times in the last couple months and saw the sign for the museum but never had the time to stop. Today I was riding alone with no schedule, so I decided to stop and take a look around.
The museum was one room attached to the library filled with items donated or loaned to the museum by the residents.  Personal treasures put on display for the good of the community, it doesn’t get any better.
Leaving Moriarty, I rode 22 miles east on I-40 to Clines Corners. In 1937, Roy E. Cline build a Filling Station and Cafe at this intersection of Route 66 & US 285.
Riding US 285 north provides you with open spaces and a view of the mountains in the distance.
Right after the intersection with NM 41 is the turn off to Lamy. Lamy is about 18 miles from Santa Fe and holds the Amtrak station for this area.
After leaving Lamy I started south on NM 41 to Galisteo and then crossed over to NM 14 using CO 42, it’s paved all the way across now.
NM 14 is one of those classic motorcycle roads and it’s fame extends to Hollywood and the movie Wild Hogs.
Because I didn’t stop for lunch and rode a short route I was home around 1:00 with plenty of time to run errands with my wife. There is something about spending even a few hours, on the open road that just makes you feel better. If I could just figure out how to bottle and sell that feeling I’d be a very rich man. Another Great Day!!

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  1. Michael Hess says:

    I’ve never taken that route north from 40. Looks nice. And I too love the community museums – they usually have a surly attendant and somebody has usually donated a stuffed two-headed cow or sheep!

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