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Tent Shakedown Report

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had this dream of exploring the United States from the back of a motorcycle. It was floating around in my head as a “like to” daydream, then a couple of years ago it changed into a “I’m going to” plan. At that point I started testing and trying out different things, even moving to a different bike.

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Ride from Clayton to Albuquerque NM

Clayton – Roy – Wagon Mound – Fort Union – Las Vegas – Santa Fe – Madrid – Albuquerque

Ride to Albuquerque form Clayton with a stops at Fort Union and Johnny’s Kitchen for lunch. Took US 56 west to NM 120, followed NM 120 to Wagon Mound, then I 25 south to Santa Fe and NM 14 south, then east on I 40 into Albuquerque

Ride was 302 miles with a 5 hour 45 minute ride time.

Sunday March 25, 2012

The first leg of this trip is Ride from Albuquerque to Clayton NM

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Ride from Albuquerque to Clayton NM

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Santa Rosa – Tucumcari – Logan – Nara Visa – Amistad – Clayton

Ride to Clayton New Mexico with stops at the Tucumcari Historical Museum, Amistad “Little House” Museum and Herzstein Memorial Museum in Clayton. Took I 40 east to Tucmcari, then US 54 to Nara Visa, north on NM 402 

Ride was 280 miles with a 5 hour ride time. 

Saturday March 24, 2012

The return leg of this trip is Ride from Clayton to Albuquerque NM


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