Ride to Los Lunas

Albuquerque – Las Lunas – NM 6

Ride to Coors Cafe for breakfast, then south on NM 45 to NM 314 and Los Lunas, west on NM 6 to I 40, east on I 40

Ride was about 100 miles with a 2 hour ride time.

February 19, 2012

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Almost every Sunday either my daughter or wife takes a ride with me for breakfast. Most of these rides are around town, or less than 50 miles and I don’t post them. This Sunday my daughter ask if we could take a longer ride.
We got on the bike and started for Los Lunas by way of South Coors (NM 45). We were headed for TJ’s near the intersection of NM 314 and NM 6. On the way south I saw place and it looked pretty busy, so we tried it out.
The Coors Cafe was a small clean diner, where the customers and the waitstaff all knew each other by name.
We both ordered huevos rancheros, it was good, but different than I’d ever had before. Either the sauce was loaded with pulled pork or they added it to the dish. It was a nice twist on one of our favorite entrees.
They had peach pie on their specials board and my daughter ordered a slice. I’m working at becoming half the man I once was, so no pie for me. However she did give me a bite and it was good.
After breakfast we kept riding south on NM 45 and NM 314 into Las Lunas. This highway takes you through a rural farming area in the Isleta reservation along the Rio Grande.
We turned right onto NM 6 and drove across I 25 and headed west out of town.
NM 6 is a road that allows trucks going west to bypass Albuquerque and get on I 40. It’s almost a forgotten road. There are some spectacular views to be enjoyed on this small highway.
As an added bonus the east west train tracks run parallel to the road and somewhere along this highway you will, almost always, see a train moving past.
At the end of the ride as I was pulling into the driveway, my neighbor was just picking up his paper. It was a very satisfying experience, seeing the New Mexico country side and enjoying a meal with my daughter all before my neighbor even reads his Sunday paper.

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