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Ride to White Oaks NM

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Estancia – Willard – Corona – White Oaks – Carrizozo – Mountainair – Belen – Los Lunas

Ride to White Oaks to see the No Scum Saloon Allowed and lunch at Elsie’s Place in Carrizozo–Took I 40 east to NM 41 south to Willard, then south on NM 42 to Corona, then south on NM 54 to about 2 miles from Carrizozo, left on Co Rd 349 to White Oaks, back to Carrizozo, then north on NM 54 to NM 53, then north on NM 53 to Mountainair, west on US 60, south on NM 47

Ride was 320 miles with about 6 hours riding time.

Saturday February 25, 2012

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White Oaks was one of those towns I’d passed by several times in the last year and just never made the 10 mile ride over to see it. Then a couple of weeks ago as I rode past the turnoff to White Oaks on my way to San Antonio I got it in my mind to ride out and see the place. So I planned this ride.

Ride to Los Lunas

Albuquerque – Las Lunas – NM 6

Ride to Coors Cafe for breakfast, then south on NM 45 to NM 314 and Los Lunas, west on NM 6 to I 40, east on I 40

Ride was about 100 miles with a 2 hour ride time.

February 19, 2012

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Almost every Sunday either my daughter or wife takes a ride with me for breakfast. Most of these rides are around town, or less than 50 miles and I don’t post them. This Sunday my daughter ask if we could take a longer ride.

Ride to Las Vegas NM

Albuquerque – Bernalillo – Santa Fe – Las Vegas

Ride to Las Vegas to see the Days Inn for “The New Mexico Ride In”-Took NM 313 to Bernalillo, then I-25 to Las Vegas, back I-25

Ride was about 260 miles with a 4 hour ride time.

February 18, 2012

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On Thursday (2/16) I was invited by Steve to join in a ride to Las Vegas. Steve was going to Las Vegas to inspect a hotel for an event he is planning on May 25-28 – “The New Mexico Ride In”. I’ve been lurking, reading and posting in several motorcycle forums for years and one of those is the forum for the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (VRCC). This group is a fantastic source for any information you might want or need about a Valkyrie. But more importantly, it’s a place to share my love of riding with others that will comprehend what I’m talking about.