Ride to Bobcat Bites

Albuquerque – Santa Fe – Galisteo – Madrid

January 21, 2011

Ride to Bobcat Bites with the AMRG for lunch –  Instate 25, to NM 466 and lunch. Back on US 285 to NM 41, right on CR 42, then south on NM 14 to I 25

Ride was 135 miles with about 3 hours ride time.

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Two weeks had passed without me going a long ride and I was starting to feel the strain. I’d taken my daughter out the last two Sunday’s for short rides and breakfast. But either scheduling or weather had kept me from any rides over an hour. I’m lucky to live in an area where I can ride almost every day and I do take advantage of that. But short rides around town are not the same as riding the highway.
I saw this ride posted on the AMRG’s web site early in the week, but debated with myself, whether to join the group or take a longer solo ride. The weather site on Friday was predicting a 30% chance of rain/snow on Saturday afternoon, so I decided on the shorter group ride.
We met at the gas station across from Sandia Casino, it’s an easy on and off, by the Interstate on the north end of town. There were only three riding up to Santa Fe, Richard leading the ride, Bill on VTX 1800 and myself.
We started the ride at 12:00 and were meeting another rider in Santa Fe at 12:45, so we kept a nice measured pace on the Interstate. I rode with blinker flashing for about the first 10 miles of the ride, my switch is sticking after right turns. Found it to be a little cooler in Santa Fe, but still well over 40 and perfect riding weather.
We pulled over on exit 284 and waited for our 4th rider (Harkin) to join us for the last couple of miles before lunch.
Bobcat Bites was our destination and their burgers our reason for the ride. First thing you need to know about Bobcat Bites is that it’s not always open. When it is open it’s very busy and it’s small. From what Richard told me, long waits are common in the summer time, after eating there it’s easy to understand why.
The burgers aren’t cheap, but they are huge, mine could have fed my whole family. To go with my burger I ordered some coleslaw and that was a mistake. Not that the slaw wasn’t good, it was, there was just too much food.
We sat at the counter looking out the window at a bird feeder and we were treated to quite the show while waiting for our meal. After lunch we split up and headed home different ways. Richard and Bill took the Interstate back. Harkin and I took US 285 and NM 41 to Galisteo and CR 42 to NM 14.
There were some very beautiful views riding NM 14 and I should have stopped for some pictures. But there were several slow moving wide load trucks on the highway and I didn’t want to pass them again. The mountains were covered with a light dusting of snow, it gave them a definition I’d never seen before. Harkin and I parted ways at the Shell station in San Antonio.
I’m glad Richard set up this ride, the food was great as was the company.

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