Ride on Christmas Day to Corrales

Albuquerque – Bernalillo – Corrales

Ride north on  I 25, then east NM 556 to NM 313, right on NM 550, then left on NM 528, left on NM 448, left on NM 528 back to the Interstate

December 25, 2011

Ride was 50 miles with a ride time of 1 hour and 15 minutes 

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Every year my family gets together on Christmas eve, we open presents and then eat dinner at La Placita in Old Town. For Christmas the Old Town neighborhood lines it’s streets with luminarias. It’s both beautiful and so popular that sold out bus tours drive around the area most of the night. Our family tradition makes  our Christmas one day early and Christmas day open, but with everything closed, we usually just stay home.
This year I thought it might be fun to go for a short ride and grab some lunch. It was my mistaken belief that everyone would be at home and the road empty. We took the Interstate over to Tramway (NM 528), it was 28 degrees when we started the ride. Moving down the Interstate at 75 was really making me wish I was wearing a full face helmet.
We took NM 313 past Sandia Pueblo and into Bernalillo, on the left hand side of the road we saw several flocks of geese flying in their “v” formation along the river.
We found nothing open for lunch in Bernalillo, but the casino, so we kept riding. I turned left onto NM 528 and started back south, bypassing Rio Rancho I turned left on NM 428.
We found light traffic as we rode through Corrales, making this the best part of the ride. Also the speed limit is 30 MPH, which made it seem a little warmer. All along the road you could see snow left over from the storm that pass through earlier in the week.
As we headed back into Albuquerque, we kept looking for an open restaurant. I even rode over to the area by the large movie theater, thinking one of the nearby places would be open. We ended up eating at home. This ride taught me that without heated gear and temperatures below freezing, I’m good for about 1 1/2 hours before I need to stop and warm up.
I want to give my daughter some praise. When I asked my wife if she wanted to go with me, she just laughed at me and said “too cold”. Not only did my daughter go on the ride, not once did she complain about the cold. It was a great present!

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