Ride to Canyon Hills

Albuquerque – Tijeras – Canyon Hills

Ride on NM 333 to NM 317, then NM 271 back to NM 333

December 11, 2011

Ride was 55 miles with a ride time of 1 hour and 20 minutes 

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We had some snow this last week, the schools were closed for a snow day on Monday. This storm even caused me to use my Jeep instead of the bike for commuting two days, so by Sunday I was ready for any kind of ride.
It’s was a little cold in the morning, so I let the day warm up before starting out. Also the Saint’s were playing the early game this week, adding additional motivation for a late start.
At 2:00, I rode NM 333 east out of town, there was a coating of snow in Tijeras Canyon and the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees. At NM 317 I turned right into the mountains. Lots of snow was piled up on both sides on the highway, but the road was mostly dry. The traffic was heavy (and slow) and that kept me from pushing the bike through the twisting part of this road.  Not that I would have tested the turns, but it did remove the temptation.
The snow plowed from the road prevented me from stopping for pictures till I had turned left onto NM 217. NM 217 took me east and then south through plains and rolling hills.
Riding south on NM 217 I passed several sign stating the obvious, that “Hill Blocks View”.
Back at NM 333 I turned left and started my ride back into Albuquerque. This ride was a short loop, getting me home before I started getting cold. I found a couple of ice patches in some shady areas, but most of the roads were dry. While this ride didn’t give me as much time on my bike as I would have liked, it did get me out. This is not a bad loop if you don’t have much time and just want a quick ride, lot’s of twists, great views and it’s close.

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  1. Michael Hess says:

    Sounds like a good ride. I forgot you were a Saints fan! Geaux Saints!

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