Ride to Belen

Albuquerque – Los Lunas – Belen

November 06, 2011

Ride to Belen for lunch and back –Took NM 313 to Belen, then right on NM 309 as you pass NM47 it become the Manzano Express Way – follow it south to Meadow Lake Road, right on NM 47

Ride was 73 miles with 2 hour ride time.

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I canceled my Saturday ride to Las Vegas because a winter storm brought rain and snow to that part of the state.  By Sunday morning the storm had passed and the sky was clear.
Not wanting to waste a nice day, I took a short ride to Belen for lunch with my daughter.
We started our ride around 10:00, it was still in the low 40’s, making it cool, but not too cold.
We went south, taking NM 314 as it follows the old El Camino Real. The El Camino Real was the only trade route from Mexico City to Santa Fe. This trade route was founded by Onate in 1598. There were only two roads into New Mexico for wagons, the Santa Fe Trail and El Camino Real.
The El Camino Real was one of the most important roads in New Mexico until 1881 when the railroad was built.
We stopped at Harla Mays for lunch. It’s an old movie theater that’s been turned into a restaurant. What keeps bring me back to Harla Mays is their green chile strips. They take green chiles, batter and fry them like onion rings.
After lunch we road NM 306, past NM 47 and onto Manzano Expressway, it was my first time taking this road. The road takes you through the foothill, up away from the river. It was two lane (40-50 MPH) with several intersection for housing developments. There are good views of the Manzano mountains and less traffic than NM 47. The road ends at Meadow Lake Road, taking a left brings you back down into the river valley and the NM 47 – NM 6 crossroads.
It was a great day for riding, cool, but not cold and light traffic. I even made it home in time to watch some of the early NFL games.


  1. Mike says:

    Made the ride to Belen this afternoon; perfect day for it. I visited the Harvey House Museum. Kind of modest and funky. The interior layout is similar to the one in Radium Springs. That one has a hot springs and it was converted into a very nice b&b. They have had a couple flood there, and I’m not sure of the status at present. Anyway, thanks again for the suggestion and the map.

  2. Mike says:

    Looks like a great little ride. Thanks for mapping it out.
    I think I’ll give the weather a week to straiten out, and then give it a go.

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