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Ride in the Rio Rancho Toy Run

Albuquerque –  Bernalillio – Rio Rancho

November 20, 2011

Ride to the 19th Rio Rancho Toy Run with AMRG

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The Rio Rancho Toy Run was something my wife really enjoyed last year when we went and she wanted to go again. We got up early and left the house at 8:00, rode over to Mac’s La Sierra on Central and grabbed some breakfast. There were 8 other bikes in their parking lot, all headed
to the Toy Run.

Ride to Las Vegas to see the Rough Rider Memorial Collection

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Villanueva – Ribera – Las Vegas

November 11, 2011

Ride to Las Vegas to visit the Rough Rider Memorial Collection with lunch at La Risa Cafe – Took I-40 to NM 3 north for 20 miles to Villanueva, then 10 more miles past Ribera to right on I 25 to Las Vegas Going home I 25 to NM 285, then south on NM 41 right (west) on NM 472 continue on NM 306 to NM 14 right on I 40 to Albuquerque. 

Ride was 238 miles with lunch and 4 1/2 ride time. 

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I had planned this ride for last Saturday but a storm hit the state and I had to postpone it. The weather man was calling for another storm again this Saturday, so to beat the storm I took the ride on Friday. My daughter had practice and the wife didn’t want to deal with the cold weather, so I did this trip alone.

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Ride to Belen

Albuquerque – Los Lunas – Belen

November 06, 2011

Ride to Belen for lunch and back –Took NM 313 to Belen, then right on NM 309 as you pass NM47 it become the Manzano Express Way – follow it south to Meadow Lake Road, right on NM 47

Ride was 73 miles with 2 hour ride time.

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I canceled my Saturday ride to Las Vegas because a winter storm brought rain and snow to that part of the state.  By Sunday morning the storm had passed and the sky was clear.