Ride to Fenton Lake

Albuquerque – Bernalillo – Jemez Springs – Fenton Lake

October 30, 2011

Ride to Fenton Lake – take I-25 exit NM 556 (Tramway) west, then NM 313 north to Bernalillo, turn left of US 550 for 26 miles to NM 14, past Jemez Springs to NM 126 and 8 miles to Fenton Lake

Ride was 160 miles, took about 4 hours

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My daughter really wanted to ride the Jemez Valley and see the trees before all the leaves dropped. We were planning a long ride on Saturday, but it didn’t happen. So when she ask Sunday morning if we could go for a ride I was more than happy to take her.
We left the house around 10:00 and filled up with gas at the station on NM 556, right off the Interstate. Then we traveled down NM 313 passing through Bernalillo just in time to deal with the church traffic. At US 550 we turned left and drove about 26 miles to the NM 14 intersection.
After passing through Jemez Springs we made a stop at Soda Damn. The Soda Dam is a natural formation of calcium carbonate rock called travertine, that the Jemez River flows through.
We cruised up NM 14 for several miles as it parallels the Jemez river weaving back and forth through the canon. At NM 126 we turned left for the 8 miles climb out of the valley to Fenton Lake.
After crossing the bridge at the head of the lake, we turned left and took the dirt road to the edge of the lake.
On the opposite bank of the lake you could see the result of the forest fires this summer, burnt dead trees filled the scenery.
After a minutes we started for home, going back the way we came. About 2 miles from the lake a flock of wild turkeys crossed the highway as we rode by. It was only the second time in my life I’d seen turkeys in the wild (the first time was last week).
We stopped NM 485 and took a couple pictures of the river and some of the color in the trees. Many of the trees had dropped their leaves, so it was after the peak of color, but still worth seeing.
It was outstanding adventure, spending a few hours with my daughter, riding the roads of New Mexico. Yes it true, I did miss watching football. As much as I like watching an NFL game, it’s no contest, I’d take the ride every-time.

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