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Ride to Fenton Lake

Albuquerque – Bernalillo – Jemez Springs – Fenton Lake

October 30, 2011

Ride to Fenton Lake – take I-25 exit NM 556 (Tramway) west, then NM 313 north to Bernalillo, turn left of US 550 for 26 miles to NM 14, past Jemez Springs to NM 126 and 8 miles to Fenton Lake

Ride was 160 miles, took about 4 hours

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My daughter really wanted to ride the Jemez Valley and see the trees before all the leaves dropped. We were planning a long ride on Saturday, but it didn’t happen. So when she ask Sunday morning if we could go for a ride I was more than happy to take her.

Ride to See the Quarai and Abo Ruins

Albuquerque – Quarai Ruins – Mountianair – Abo Ruins – Los Lunas – Albuquerque

October 28, 2011

Ride to Quarai and Abo ruins – follow NM 333 to NM 337 then right/south to NM 55 then right/south – look for the Quarai ruins turn off about 16 miles down NM 55, then back onto NM 55 to Mountainair, right on US 60 for 8 miles to the Abo ruin turn off on the right- back on US 60 to NM 47 to Los Lunas – Right on NM 6, then right on NM 314 

Ride was 145 miles with lunch in Mountainair

Google Maps
I found this ride posted with Let’s Ride New Mexico, it was scheduled for Friday–a work day.  Billy posted and was leading the ride, I’d seen several of his posts and was looking forward to riding with him. Billy only rides during the week.  I got up early, finished my work and rode over to catch the ride.

Ride to Abiquiu Reservoir and NM 4 Loop

Albuquerque – Cuba – Abiquiu Reservoir – White Rock – Jemez Springs – Albuquerque

October 22, 2011

Ride the Abiquiu Reservoir and NM 4 Loop–Interstate 25 to Tranway (NM 556) to NM 313, then north on US 550 to Cuba for gas, right on NM 96 past Abiquiu Reservoir, then east on US 84 to Espanola, south on NM 30 to NM 502, then south on NM 4 back to US 550

Ride is about 290 miles with 6 hour ride time

Google Maps
My daughter had an activity for her basketball team and my wife had other plans, so I was making this ride solo. I gave some thought to posting the ride with AMRG, but decided to head out by myself. My last lobo ride was back in September, so I was excited for this ride.