Ride to Chama

Ride with AMRG – Albuquerque – Cuba – Dulce – Chama – Abiquiu Lake – Cuba

Ride to Chama for lunch using 537 and returning 84/96 back to Cuba – 390 miles

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It was dreary and overcast when I left the house at 8:30 for the to ride over to the IHOP on 550. This IHOP was the starting point for an AMRG ride to Chama. The organizer and leader for this adventure was Rich.
On the ride over I had been misted, but this area had been hit with some rain. It made me wonder how many others would show up for the ride.
When Rich called the pre-ride meeting, there were 7 bikes and 9 riders ready to roll.
We made our way to Cuba for our first leg, stopping for gas at the Philip’s 66 on the west end of town. It was a gas and go, because we were stopping 20 miles up the road, the the turnoff for 537. There is a small casino at the intersection with a rest stop. I stuck my head into the casino for a look around, it was a room full of slot machines.
The first part of the road on 537 was in pretty good shape, farther along it became weather-worn with lots of potholes. Today those potholes were filled with water, making them seem bigger than they might on a day when the road was dry.
The traffic was very light and it was perfect riding this leg. About 9 miles before Dulce we hit 64 and it was in good shape to Dulce.
We stopped and gassed up in Dulce. Just east of Dulce on 64 we hit some road construction and had a section of dirt/mud we had to ride.
Then about 3 miles from Chama we rode into a cattle drive, complete with cattle, dogs and cowboys on horses.
When we got to Chama some of us took a quick run over to the train station.
Then we headed over to the Elkhorn for lunch. Found the food and the company first class making lunch a real joy. After lunch we started south on 84 to Abiguiu Lake.
From Abiquiu Lake we started back across to Cuba on 96. We rode though a couple thunder storms and a light drizzle most of the next 50 miles. This rain was a small price to pay for the cloud cover we enjoyed for our day of riding. It was fall riding at it best, but with wild flowers all along the road.
We all stopped in Cuba for our last fill up and said our good byes.
Because the sun was at my back on 550, several of the craggy canyons gave me views I’d never seen on this road before. I was making good time and for about 40 miles, a fellow rider on a yellow Goldwing fell in with me. He was from Oklahoma and was heading home after riding the Rocky’s. I took him down 313 to Albuquerque and wished him a good ride home, then rode the last few miles to my house. Thanks to all that shared the road with me on this ride, hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  1. Grumpy says:

    Cool report Chuck. I know I had a great time.

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