Ride to Santa Rosa

Albuquerque – Santa Rosa – Albuquerque 

Ride to Santa Rosa for the 11th Annual Route 66 Festival- 224 miles

September 10, 2011

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There were several things happening this weekend that interested me, our State Fair, Pie Festival in Pie Town and the Rt 66 Festival in Santa Rosa. After much back and forth, I decided Friday night to try out the Festival in Santa Rosa. We didn’t need an early start because no events started before 10:00. The temperature this morning was much cooler, real fall riding weather. The only problem, we spent the day riding in the rain.
There was a time I would cancel a ride with any threat of rain, but not anymore. It’s a part of the experience and with the right kit, it’s not much of a problem at all. About 10 miles before we reached Santa Rosa it stopped raining.
We rode to the park to see the car show and eat some BBQ. Found myself disappointed by the small number of cars (maybe 10) at the show.
It turned out the BBQ contest was setup to run downtown. So we headed downtown and found one truck setting up, now it was starting to rain in Santa Rosa.
They had a band playing and only a few people standing around. There was a large area for bikes to park from the rally, with only one bike. I decided the weather killed the event and we went to a restaurant to eat lunch.
After lunch we started our ride back in the rain. It stopped raining just before Moriarty and we were hot by Albuquerque. The ride was nice and I saw quite a few bikes out on the highway. Most were sporting packs and looked to be on trips (I was a little jealous). The event was a bust, I think the weather broke it up, maybe I should have gone to Pie Town. There’s always next year.

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