Ride to El Morro

Albuquerque – Grants – El Morro – Albuquerque

Ride to El Morro – Hike and picnic – 230 miles

September 04, 2011

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We left the house at 8:30, filled up and rode down Central to Mac’s La Sierra to grab some breakfast before the ride.


The food and service were both great, getting the day off to a great start.

The city was covered with clouds and there was a strong wind, giving me a little concern about the weather. We decided we could handle it, so at 10:00 we drove to I-40 and the run to Grants.

We gassed up in Grants and drove down main street past the city park to highway 53. Turning left on 53 we started on the 42 miles to El Morro. We found ourselves riding in a brisk crosswind for about 10 miles and then it stopped.

You could see it had been raining, sunflowers covered the fields, giving us bright patches of yellow all along the road.

We arrived at El Morro right at noon and hiked the trail over the top of the El Morro.

The climb was tiring, but the views were well worth it. We hiked the loop in about an hour, then found a picnic table with some shade and ate our lunch.

The ride back to Grants was a real joy, beautiful scenery and a great road. However when we turned onto the Interstate again, we started riding into a strong head wind. This made us a little wind battered on the last leg.

We stopped one more time for gas and some ice cream at exit 108.

The windy ride home really wore my wife out, but we spent a wonderful afternoon together.

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  1. bruce hoover says:

    OK, sounds to me like you’re tuning up for that cross country trip you were talking about. I say “go for it”.

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