Ride from Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Flagstaff – Winslow – Holbrook – Gallup – Albuquerque 

Return trip on I-40 — 325 miles

September 03, 2011

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I spent the night at the Super 8 on E Lucky Lane, my room was clean and the room comfortable.

Because I didn’t check in till after 10:00 PM the parking lot was full, so I parked in right in front of my room. Got a good nights sleep, can’t say it was the room, because I was very tired and ready for the rest. After waking up I packed, checked out and started for home.

The morning air was very cool in Flagstaff and it required that I bundle up for the first part of my ride. Pulled off to see the Meteor Crater, but it wasn’t open yet.

I took a couple of pictures, stripped off my warm gear and went back to the Interstate.

My next stop was at the Mc Donald’s in Winslow to call my wife and grab a cheap breakfast. After that I headed back on the road to Holbrook for gas. Taking the Interstate is faster, but it’s also requires more attention on the road.

The road passed by quickly, but I still enjoyed the canyons you pass through just as you enter New Mexico.

Quick gas stop in Gallup (didn’t get off the bike) and back on the road. I did one more fill up at the Skycity casino and then pressed it the rest of the way home.

I made it home in time to eat lunch with my wife.

Starting this ride I saw it as something I had to do to get home. Yeah it got me home, but I enjoyed it. No matter what the ride, it unveils something new, not just new scenery, but something about yourself.

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