Ride to Santa Fe by way of Madrid

Albuquerque – Stanley – Galisteo – Santa Fe – Madrid

Loop ride to the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe–148 miles 

August 28, 2011

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We started our ride around 10:00, catching I-40 the edge of town and taking exit 170 onto 333. We then rode up 14 to the Shell station right at crossroad on 14/536/306 and filled up for our day’s ride.

Leaving the station we turned right onto Frost/306 and headed east at the second stop sign 306 starts south, but we kept going east on what is now 472.

This part of the ride is filled with small ranches, it amazing how many people live in this area. We ride on 472 for about 12 miles before hitting 41.

Turning right on 41 we are in Stanley and I say that with a grin on my face. Stanley only has a couple of things to see, a sign, post office and cemetery.

A few miles north of Stanley you make a slight turn and start down a hill.  This is my favorite part of the ride, because right in front of you is a vista of rolling hills that runs right into the mountains. At one point it’s like your surrounded on three sides by far off mountains and it’s all right ahead and easy to see.

The next town is Galisteo, this area if filled with nice looking hacienda style homes. There is a road (Co 42) that will take you back to 14, but going north it’s hidden behind the church. We are staying on 41 to 285, just a couple of more miles north. Turning left onto 285 we ride past the turn off for Lamy and under I-25 to Old Las Vegas Highway (300).

There are several good places to eat along this part of the road, but none we stopped at today. Today we stayed on 300 till we turned onto Old Pecos Trail, following it to Old Santa Fe Trail and into the plaza area.

There is motorcycle parking slots on the northeast corner of the plaza and because it’s was Sunday, there was no fees.

We walked over and did a free (New Mexicans are free on Sunday) tour of New Mexico Museum of Art. The basement exhibit was earth art, there were a couple of pictures I enjoyed, but I’m glad I didn’t pay the $8 to see it. We walked the plaza and then started home. We took I-25 back to NM 14 because of the road construction they are doing on Cerrillios.

I always enjoy the ride down 14 even if I probably ride it more than any other highway in the state. Some how this route seems to be made for riding and I’m not the only one that holds that opinion.

When we were passing through Madrid, I stopped counting bikes at 30, there were lots of riders in that little town. Most of them at the Mine Shaft Tavern. We rode 14 back to I-40 and took it back into Albuquerque, we were home before 2:00.

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