Ride to Santa Fe Almost

Almost Santa Fe Loop – August 14, 2011

120 mile ride with a stop for breakfast.

This is short ride that my wife and I did Sunday morning. This ride gets you out and home with most of your day still available. If you follow our route there is only about 12 miles of interstate driving, the rest is scenic two lane highway.

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Start the ride going east on I-40, exit on Carnuel onto 333, it take you through the canyon on the frontage road and gets you off the Interstate. Ride past Tijeras and follow 14 north to Cedar Crest, we stopped at Burger Boy for breakfast. It’s a great lunch stop and the breakfast is passable.
Keep going down 14 till you see the Shell Gas Station on the right. Turn right onto 306, ride 306 for about 9 miles, then turn right onto 344, this will take you around a mountain and back to 14 near Golden.
It much better to go this way around. The view coming around and down the mountain just before getting back to 14 is why you make this extra jog. Turn right on 14 and you are just a mile from Golden. On the weekends watch for bikes, they ride this road too.
The next town is Madrid, sometimes my wife likes to wander around and look at the shops, but today we just rode by.
After Madrid come a couple nice curves you can dive into, then you pass Cerrllios. Ride about 5.5 more miles down 14 and you will see a Shell station on your left. It’s a great place to stop and grab a drink–it’s got shade trees you can park under. Just after the Shell station turn left onto Country road 45. This road take you across to I-25, take a right and go north to the overpass. Cross over and take I-25 south.
You can run I-25 back to the city if you’re in a hurry. But we were having fun so we took exit 259 to Santa Domingo Pueblo. Just before you enter the pueblo at the stop sign (RT84) turn left. Follow this to 313, it runs along the interstate and past Algodonones. My wife really likes this part of the ride. Stay on 313 till you get back to Albuquerque.
Got home before noon and we still had plenty of time for those afternoon chores.

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