Ride to Sipapu-Las Vegas

August 06, 2011- ride with AMRG to Sipapu-Las Vegas
300 miles ride with 3 gas stops and lunch

To see a Google map of the route click this link—Show on Google Maps

The ride started at 10:00 from the Denny’s on San Antonio next to the freeway. It’s a convenient place to meet, just off the interstate. I started to have some breakfast but decided just to wait for lunch.  I’m not a fan of Denny’s or any national chains, but lots of people like Denny’s so it might have been good.

Jerry was leading the ride and got us started right at 10:00 with a small meeting to let everybody know where we were going and what we could expect on the ride. Then it was off to our first stop, the rest stop off the Interstate 25 about 10 miles south of Santa Fe. There we picked up two more bikes bringing our number to 12 bikes.

Zeo took the lead and took us through Santa Fe around the east side. It’s a lot slower than taking 599, but it was enjoyable with lots to see. It’s a route I’ll be adding to future rides. I put this together by memory after I got home, so it may not be identical to the actual ride.
Exit I-25 on St Francis, go north-take the first right after St Michaels–it should be W San Mateo Rd. Follow W San Mateo when you cross Old Pecos Trail it becomes Camino Lejo and takes you up Museum Hill and to Old Santa Fe Trail.

Take a Left on Old Santa Trail and follow it to Paseo De Peralta–take a right. Next look for Bishops Lodge Rd/State Route 590 take another right.

Then follow Bishops Lodge Rd/State Route 590 for about 6.0 miles. You will end up at 285 next to Tesuque.


Using the frontage road we rode up to Pojoaque where we stopped for gas. Jerry took back over the lead and we started up 285 a short way to 503. Jerry took Country Road 98 north to 76, something I’d never done before, it was faster than following 503 all the way around. We followed 76 to 75 and stopped for a rest at the junction with 518.

It was just a couple of miles to the Sipapu Ski Resort and lunch. From the front this place didn’t look like much, but when you walk to the back, it’s very nice. There are trees and picnic tables along the river and lots of hummingbirds flocking to the feeders they have up. If my food were good, it would have been perfect. They turned my burger into a charcoal hockey puck, still I think the atmosphere will bring me back for another try. When I come back, I hope the cook does better.
The group split after lunch with 8 of us lead by Zeo, heading down 518 to Moria and 94.
94 from Moria back to 518 is one of my favorite rides and it didn’t disappoint today. It had been raining and everything was green, the views going south made me shake my head and think about stopping for pictures. There is no shoulder on this road so it’s not something you can safely do. With no passenger this trip, the pictures are lacking, just rest stops and gas stations.
We stopped at the gas station where 94 goes back into 518. Bikes filled with gas up we started for Las Vegas. Zeo did a short cut that took back to the Interstate without going into Las Vegas. Four of our group exited at 285, the rest went on to Santa Fe. Zeo headed for home and we went past Santa Fe to 14. The ride down 14 was great and it threaten rain, but never did. It just made the ride cooler. There was almost no traffic and we made great time.
The last three of us stopped at the Shell in San Antonito to fill up and say goodbyes before heading home.

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