Ride to the Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski ValleyThis is a 290 mile ride with something to do.

To see a Google map of the route click this link—-View Google Map

This is an activity with a nice ride wrapped around it. This ride takes you to the Taos Ski Valley to ride the chairlifts, then back to Taos for a late lunch while exploring the plaza.

Good early start really makes this ride work, if you leave early you will not only beat the heat, but will find the views along I-25 more engaging in the early light. This route is a straight shot north on I-25, bypassing Santa Fe using 599 and on to Espanola (Highway 285).

In Espanola it’s a good idea to fill up and if your in the mood, grab a quick snack that will hold you over for the late lunch.

Many riders really like the high road(Highway 76) into Taos, and it is a fun ride. For me the low road (Highway 68) is better, because it weaves around and hugs the Rio Grande, making a more interesting ride. To find Highway 68, just stay on the main street and ride through Espanola.

When you get to Taos, stay on the main street, past the plaza and out the other side of town. Watch for the signs leading you to Highway 150 and Taos Ski Valley. After you turn right on Highway 150 it runs past some farmland before taking you into the mountains.
The Taos chairlift opens at 10:00 and for $12 lets you ride it as many times as you’d like. If you leave Albuquerque around 7:00, you should arrive very close to 10:00. After spending a couple of hours at the chairlift it’s time for lunch.

Back to Taos for lunch. There are several great places to eat lunch in Taos that are not in the plaza and I understand if you eat at one of them. But on this ride it’s off to the plaza to wonder around and look for a place to eat. The prices are not cheap, but it is lunch, so it’s not too bad. My wife can spend hours going from store to store, take you time and enjoy yourself. Just remember you still have a 2 ½ hour ride home.

If your bike lets you go over 130 miles on a tank, you can fill up in Espanola on your way back home.

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