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Ride to Santa Fe by way of Madrid

Albuquerque – Stanley – Galisteo – Santa Fe – Madrid

Loop ride to the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe–148 miles 

August 28, 2011

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We started our ride around 10:00, catching I-40 the edge of town and taking exit 170 onto 333. We then rode up 14 to the Shell station right at crossroad on 14/536/306 and filled up for our day’s ride.

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Ride to Quarai Ruins

Albuquerque – Manzano – Quarai Ruins – Mountainair -Belen

Ride to the Mountainair Sunflower Festival -August 27, 2011–141 miles loop–No Interstate

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The sunflower Festival didn’t start till 10:00, so we didn’t leave the house till 9:30. We stopped for gas and air at the Tramway/Central Smith’s station and the air pump was broken. This caused us to do a little running around to get some air in the tires. When the bike was ready to roll, we turned it onto 313 and road it to Tijeras. At the light in Tijeras we turned right onto 337.

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Ride to Sandia Crest

Run to the Sandia Crest and back-August 21, 2011

60 miles with lots of curving mountain roads

As my wife and I were driving to the store she was complaining about the heat. Right in front of us stood the Sandia Crest covered with clouds. I started telling my wife about how cool it would be on top of those mountains. Several minutes later, she asked how long would it take to go up there and I told her we could be there and back in less than two hours. Next came the question I always like hearing, “Can we take the bike?”

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