Ride from Creede to Leadville

Sunday July 17, 2011—Creede to Leadville byway of Lake City and Gunnison
225 mile ride with breakfast and gas stop in Gunnison

Woke up early and started getting ready. They don’t start serving breakfast at Snowshoe till 7:00. We had the bike packed with everything set to ride right after we ate. The breakfast was cornflakes with a muffin. So we passed on the breakfast and started for Lakecity on highway 149.
It was cold in the morning, good thing we brought weather gear. Stopped at the falls, part of the road was closed and we had to walk ½ or so to see the falls. Their was one other couple that made the walk and took a picture of us.
We rode over another pass with beautiful views of the mountains and then down to Lakecity.  In LakeCity we stopped at the only restaurant open on Sunday–a motorcycle group had rode in from Colorado Springs and was eating there. It was packed with a 40 minutes wait to get a seat. Not wanting to wait we stopped at a general store and got some batteries and a bottle of water.
About 32 miles down the road we came to highway 50 and the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Turning right onto 50 we followed the reservoir for a couple of miles.
We stopped in Guinnson to fill up with gas. Drove around the town looking for a place to eat. Stopped at one place twice, even got off the bike and went in, it was packed with a waiting time we didn’t even want to guess at. Went to McDonalds and ate.
The view for the whole day was incredible mountain peaks and running water everywhere we went. Turned left onto 285 at Poncha Springs. Lot’s of traffic on this road with people rafting all along the river. Stopped in Buena Vista at a park and talked with another rider that had the same helmet as my wife. Had a couple of root-beer floats at K’s Dairy Delight right next to the park.
Left highway 285 and went 30 miles on 24 to Leadville. Checked into the Timberline hotel. It was not the best we ever stayed in. It was rundown and not very clean, but it was next to downtown. So we could park the bike and walk.
We walked the streets of Leadville looking in all the open stores.
Had a steak at the Golden Burro the steak was good, but everything else was lacking. The service was slow, we even had to wait a good ten minutes just to pay our bill.
Walked back to the room, then took the bike and rode around the city. Later we walked to the Silver Dollar Saloon had some drinks and played shuffleboard.

On the walk back to the hotel we stopped and got Chile dogs and onion rings and called it a night.

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