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Ride to Las Vegas and the New Mexico Ride In

Albuquerque – Villanueva – Las Vegas – Mora – Black Lakes – Angle Fire – Taos – Sipapu – Las Vegas

Ride to the “New Mexico Ride In” in Las Vegas with a group ride to Taos for lunch at the¬†Guadalajara¬†Grill-Took I-40 east to NM-3, then NM-3 east to I-25, then I-25 north to Las Vegas. The group ride went north on NM 518 to Mora, then north on NM-434 to US 64, then west on US 64 to Taos and lunch. Then south on NM-518 to Mora, then south on NM-94 back to NM-518, then south to Las Vegas

The ride was 290 miles with a 6 1/2 hours ride time.

May 26, 2012 Day one of three

Link to day two.

Link to day three.

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