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Ride from Alamogordo to Carlsbad

Alamogordo – White Sands – Cloudcroft – Artesia – Carlsbad Caverns – Carlsbad

Ride from Alamogordo to Carlsbad with stops to see White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns – Took US 70 west 15 miles to White Sands, then back east on US 70 to US 82, right/east on US 82 to US 285, then south to Carlsbad, then 14 miles west on US 62 to White City, then 7 miles on NM 7 to Carlsbad Caverns

Ride was 244 miles with about 6 hours of riding time.

Friday March 29, 2012

The first day can be found here. 

This was the second day of a three day trip.

The third day can be found here.

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While sleeping in the tent I had one of those nights where I was too cold outside the sleeping bag and too hot in it. Then a couple of times trains rumbled past, so loud that the ground shook at their passing. With all that going on, I still woke up just before sunrise, feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

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Ride to Alamogordo NM

Albuquerque – Socorro – Bingham – Carrizozo – Alamogordo

Ride from Albuquerque to Alamogordo – Took I 25 south to US 380, then east on US 380 to Carrizozo, then south on US 54 to Alamogordo

Ride was 212 miles and about 3 1/2 hours riding time.

Thursday March 28, 2012

This was the first day of three day trip. 

The second day can be found here.

The third day can be found here.

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This week I was hoping to be riding to Houston, but I couldn’t take the time-off from work that was needed. So instead I’m going on a two day motorcycle camping trip with my daughter. My daughter had testing all week and no school on Friday. So I left work at 2:00 and we started for Alamogordo. She wanted to see Carlsbad Caverns and we are using Alamogordo as a stop over so we can get into Carlsbad early on Friday.

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Ride to Las Vegas to see the Rough Rider Memorial Collection

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Villanueva – Ribera – Las Vegas

November 11, 2011

Ride to Las Vegas to visit the Rough Rider Memorial Collection with lunch at La Risa Cafe – Took I-40 to NM 3 north for 20 miles to Villanueva, then 10 more miles past Ribera to right on I 25 to Las Vegas Going home I 25 to NM 285, then south on NM 41 right (west) on NM 472 continue on NM 306 to NM 14 right on I 40 to Albuquerque. 

Ride was 238 miles with lunch and 4 1/2 ride time. 

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I had planned this ride for last Saturday but a storm hit the state and I had to postpone it. The weather man was calling for another storm again this Saturday, so to beat the storm I took the ride on Friday. My daughter had practice and the wife didn’t want to deal with the cold weather, so I did this trip alone.

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