US 191 Day 02-Ride to Eagar AZ

Tombstone – Bisbee –  Douglas – Safford – Clifton –  Eagar

The ride was 334 miles with about 7 hours of ride time.

Friday July 19, 2013  

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We were up early and packed just after the sun came up. It was very overcast–good thing for us because we were crossing the desert in the middle of the summer.

Our first stop was in Bisbee for breakfast. We were told by several locals that the Bisbee Breakfast Club was the best place for miles around to eat.

My breakfast was very good, I had some of their homemade patty sausage and eggs. After we were done eating the waitress convinced us to try a piece of their coconut cream pie.

We were now ready to start our adventure, our next stop was the Mexican border and the beginning of US 191.

After taking a few pictures we started north on US 191!!!

About 20 miles from Willcox we spotted a crop duster, buzzing a corn field. We paused our ride for a few minutes and watched him work.

We gassed up in Wilcox and continued north to Clifton.

After Clifton US 191 turns into one of the best motorcycle road I’ve ever ridden. It’s over 100 miles of hair pin turns and amazing vistas. Instead of warning you before each turn you get signs telling you that the next 16 miles is going to be curvy.

Forest fire really hit this area in the last few years, now flooding has damage parts of the road. If you haven’t ridden this road, add it to your list.

Chuck made sure we stopped at the arrow tree, it’s a tree hunters tag with an arrow after a successful hunt.

We got hit with hard rain just as we were getting to Springerville. After checking in we headed over to Booga Red’s for dinner.

The food seemed really good after a long day of riding.

After dinner we headed back to our cabin to shower and wash our clothes.

This was an amazing day, the great thing is that these are roads that I can easily ride again.

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