Ride to Casamero Ruins

Albuquerque – Grants – Prewitt –  Bluewater Lake State Park 

Ride to see the Casamero Ruins–west on I 40 to the Prewitt exit, then north on Co RD 19 to Casamero Ruins

The ride was 211 miles with about 3 1/2 hours of ride time.

Saturday May 11, 2013

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I was going to ride to Zuni while planning the route I found the Casamero ruins on my atlas. The discovery of something I’d never seen before caused me to change my plans and ride to the Casamero ruins. It started as a warm but breezy day, but it really cooled off around Grants.
I exited the Interstate 19 miles west of Grants at the Prewitt exit. At the exit, taking a left will take you to NM 412 and Bluewater, a right to NM 122. To get to the ruins I went to NM 122 then right, after a short ways I turned left onto Co RD 19.
About 4 miles north of NM 122 at the base of Tecolote (Owl) Mesa are the Casamero ruins. In the picture above you can see Tecolote Mesa, near the right side of the picture are the owl eyes broken into the side of the mesa.
The landscapes that these sandstone mesa’s create are amazing and just seeing them makes the trip worthwhile.
There is a small parking area at the trailhead to the ruins. The ruins has 22 ground floor rooms and was occupied between A.D. 1000 and 1125. If you zoom in with Google maps you can see the ruins in satellite mode.
You follow the seldom used trail up towards the owl eyes.
There are several signs with information about the Casamero Pueblo at the ruins.
At the ruins only the sound of the wind moving past the dry grass and a couple birds in the distance could be heard. It was so peaceful, I just stood for a long time thinking of what this place must have been like 2000 years ago.
I walked back to my bike and made my way back to NM 412. Then I rode the 7 miles to Bluewater Lake State Park. The water is very low in the lake, like all the lakes with the drought in New Mexico.
After a few minutes at the lake I started back to Albuquerque using the side roads and staying off the Interstate as long as possible. I took NM 122, than NM 117 and NM 124 and old RT 66. Had to get back on the Interstate for the last 30 miles into Albuquerque.

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