Ride to Billy the Kid Museum

Albuquerque – Estancia – Encino  – Yeso – Fort Sumner

Rode east on I 40 to NM NM 41, then south to US 60, then east on US 60 to Fort Sumner, came back using the same route.

The ride was 342 miles with a saddle time of 6 1/2 hours.

April 13, 2013

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It was my plan to do an overnight ride this weekend, but something came up last minute causing me to cancel that ride. This seems to be happening a lot lately, but Saturday was still open for me and I planned myself a nice day ride.
After planning the ride I posted it on the AMRG site in case someone was looking for somebody to ride with. Because this was a full day of riding, posted with very little advance notice, I didn’t really expecting anyone to join me.
At the meeting spot I posted, there were a couple of riders that I knew from the AMRG. They were riding to Lincoln NM, a ride of about the same distance with a Billy the Kid museum in it as well. They invited me to join them if nobody showed up for my ride. Then I proceeded to flip flop back and forth about going with them. The truth was I wanted to ride with them, but I also wanted to ride alone. In the end I did the ride I planed by myself.
I’m afraid my indecision left these other riders feeling like they didn’t make me feel welcome to join them. That wasn’t the case, it was me. Over the next few hours I had plenty of time to think about my choice and why I made it. Riding my bike along a empty two lane highway in the middle of nowhere gives me a feeling of peace that I can’t get anywhere else. The drone of the motor, the passing highway, the changing landscapes that give you brief moments of awe, all combine to create total focus.
While I really enjoy the fellowship of other riders, I love riding solo. It’s a battle that fight with myself all the time. After leaving Albuquerque I rode to Estancia and filled up with gas. According to the sign at Estancia’s city limits, one of their claims to fame was in 1920 they held last hanging in New Mexico. Thirteen miles south of Estancia, at US 60 I started east.
In Encino the only hotel had “Lo Low Rates”, but no doors.
My next stop was the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner.
The museum was filled with lots of old stuff, it was life time of collecting for the man that put this collection together. There was a little of everything.
The Billy the Kid Museum is not really a museum about Billy the Kid, so if that what you are looking for you will be disappointed. It is however a great collection of items from the old west, one I would recommend seeing. It was well worth the $4 they charged me to see it.
After walking the museum I asked about the best place for lunch in Fort sumner and was told to try Dariland.
Dariland was very busy, it had lots of people eating there for such a small town. I ordered a hamburger and tater tots.
On the way back home I stopped at Yeso NM and took a couple of pictures. The town is dead and these building will not be around much longer.
It was very windy riding back, mostly into a head wind, causing my bike to drink the gas. Overall this was fine ride and one I really needed.

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