Ride on NM 304

Albuquerque – Belen – La Joya – Bosque Farms

Ride on NM 304-South on I-25 to Belen, then east on NM 309 to NM 47, then south on NM 304 to La Joya, then back north on NM 304 to US 60, then east on US 60 to NM 47, then north on NM 47 to Benny’s

The ride was 138 miles with a saddle time of 3 hours.

March 03, 2013

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Over the last couple of months I’ve been going on rides I just haven’t been posting reports. On some rides I didn’t even take my camera and on others I took pictures and just hadn’t taken the time to write the report. I’m not sure why I stopped, but writing ride reports wasn’t the only thing that I let slide. It’s like the wind is not filling my sails and moving forward is no longer an easy task. I’m writing this report 10 days after the the ride and had to add it to my to-do list to make it happen.
NM 304
NM 304 is a highway I’ve taken many times from US 60 into Belen it’s a great way to get off the Interstate when coming back to Albuquerque. But I had never ridden NM 304 to it’s southern end, because it dead ends south of US 60 in the village of La Joya.
NM 304 northern end starts just outside Belen at NM 47. To get to NM 304 we took I-25 to Belen and then NM 309 east to NM 47. About a half block south of NM 309 on NM 47 we took a right and started on our 23 mile ride to the southern end on NM 304.
NM 304 crosses US 60 about 17 miles south of Belen.
At the end of NM 304 you find the village of La Joya. In La Joya there is a church, but no stores or gas stations.
After riding to the end of NM 304, we rode back to US 60 and headed east to NM 47. Then we rode north on NM 47 to Bennie’s in Bosque Farms for some lunch.
  We enjoyed our lunch at Bennie’s. I think their taquitos are the best I’ve ever had. It was a great day for a ride, it was cool but not cold. There was not much traffic on any of the roads and I got to see a place I’d never been before.

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