Ride to the Sandoval County Fair in Cuba

Albuquerque – Cuba – Abiquiu Lake – White Rock – Jemez Springs – Albuquerque

Ride to Cuba NM for the Sandoval County Fair and parade, then back home the long way—Started north on I 25 to US 550, then north to Cuba and the fair, then north on NM 96 to Abiquiu Lake, then east on US 84 to US 285, then south on US 285 to NM 30, then south on NM 30 to NM 502, then west on NM 502 to NM 4, then south on NM 4 to US 550, then south on US 550 to I-25, then south on I 25 to Albuquerque

The ride was 290 miles with a saddle time of 6 hours.

August 04, 2012

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My daughter and I decided to ride out to Cuba and see the Sandoval County Fair. We were going out to Cuba and back, planning on getting home around noon. However once we got on the road the ride doubled in size and we used the whole day.
We started the ride with some breakfast in Albuquerque at Murphy’s Mule Barn. I’ve  had questionable food here before, but not on this morning. We split an omelette and an order of waffles with some biscuits and gravy. The food was very good and I really enjoyed my breakfast.

After breakfast we made our way to Cuba to watch their parade.

While the parade slowly made it way through town we found some shade and waited.

It was small town parade, with lots of candy being thrown at the spectators.

After the parade we slowly made our way with the rest of the crowd to the fair. It wasn’t a fair like we have in Albuquerque, it was more a big three day rodeo.

After making a loop around the fair grounds we didn’t feel the need to stay. So we hit the road. My daughter wanted to go home the very long way, looping out NM 96 to Abiquiu and back on NM 4.

The rains over the last week made the landscape along NM 96 very green. We made a brief stop at the Abiquiu lake.

We next made our way to NM 4 and into the Jemez mountains.

We paused for some pictures at Valles Caldera, it hard not to stop here, this is a very special place.

Our short run out to local fair turned into a real good ride and we had a great time.


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