Ride to Los Alamos

Albuquerque – Jemez Springs – Los Alamos – Pojoaque – Albuquerque

Ride on NM 4 to Los Alamos with lunch at El Parasol—-Took NM 47 north to NM 313 to NM 550, then north on NM 4, north on NM 501 to Los Alamos. Left Los Alamos on NM 501 east to US 285, then south on US 285 to NM 599, then I 25 south to Albuquerque.

The ride was 196 miles with a four hour ride time.

Saturday June 02, 2012

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This weekend my daughter was in a basketball tournament and they had 9 games over 3 days. On Saturday they had a game at 8:00 AM and their next game wasn’t till 7:00PM giving me a window for some riding. After my daughter’s game my wife and I headed north looking for some cool air in the mountains north of Jemez Springs.
NM 4 is one of my favorite roads in New Mexico, one I ride several times every year.  After you exit US 550, NM-4 takes you north though Jemez Pueblo and past classic southwestern landscapes.
As you near Jemez Springs the road follows the river and is lined with cottonwood trees providing color and contrast to the surrounding area.
Always crowded on the weekend Jemez Springs is the last town before you enter the mountains. It’s known for it’s hot springs and bath house.
Made one last stop for pictures at Soda Damn before settling and just riding.
As I went through the mountains there were many opportunities for great pictures, but I fought the urge and just rode. Sometimes pushing yourself on a challenging road is the experience you seek and today was one of those days.
In Los Alamos we stopped for lunch at El Parasol. El Parasol started in Espanola as a taco stand back in the 50’s and is now has five locations around the area. It was our first time eating at one of their restaurants, so we tried several things.
My wife had their hamburger and fries, she told me it as good as her favorite place in Albuquerque. I had a taco and chicken green chilie tamale with some chips. My taco was average, but the tamale was outstanding, giving me a reason to come back.
After lunch we gassed up the bike and rode straight back to Albuquerque with no stops. It was hot riding the Interstate is the afternoon heat, but we made good time. We had fun, I’m glad we found a way to squeeze in a little highway time on such a busy weekend.

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