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Ride to San Antonio with Lunch at the Buckhorn Tavern

Albuquerque – Moriarty – Estancia – Mountainair – Carrizozo – Valley of Fires – San Antonio – Socorro

Ride to San Antonio for lunch at the Buckhorn Tavern –Took I-40 east to Moriarty than south on NM 41, right on NM 542 it become NM 55,¬†continued¬†south past Mountainair, right on NM 54 into Carrizozo, then left to US 380 west to San Antonio. After lunch north on NM 1, then north on I 25 to US 60 east, left on NM 304, then left on NM 47 back into Albuquerque.

Ride was about 316 miles round trip-about 5 1/2 hours ride time.

February 11, 2012

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The previous weekend I had planned to ride to Carrizozo, but a cold front forced me into a shorter ride. There was a ride posted with “Let’s Ride New Mexico” and they were going to San Antonio for lunch. By Friday night only one rider (Hakan) had posted to go. So I sent Hakan an e-mail explaining I had a longer ride planned but would join him if nobody else signed up. When I checked the site Saturday morning, two others had signed up for the ride. So I called and let Hakan know I would meet them at the Buckhorn for lunch. I started my ride at 8:30, so I would arrive at the Buckhorn Tavern around the same time as Hakan’s group ride.