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Ride to Otero County Fair in Alamogordo

Ride to Socorro – Carrizozo – Alamogordo – Cloudcroft – Ruidoso – Mountainair

450 mile ride to the Otero County Fair with 4 gas stops and lunch in Ruidoso

August 20, 2011

My daughter and I had so much fun last week at the fair in Los Alamos that this week we thought we would ride down to the Otero County Fair in Alamogordo. Because we were afraid of the heat on some of these roads we got an early start.
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Ride to Santa Fe Almost

Almost Santa Fe Loop – August 14, 2011

120 mile ride with a stop for breakfast.

This is short ride that my wife and I did Sunday morning. This ride gets you out and home with most of your day still available. If you follow our route there is only about 12 miles of interstate driving, the rest is scenic two lane highway.

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Ride to Los Alamos

August 13, 2011–Madrid—Santa Fe—Los Alamos—Jemez
200 mile loop with one gas stop and a visit to the Los Alamos Counrty Fair
Was planning on going to Chama for Chama Day’s, but the events were a basketball tournament and a rodeo. So instead we headed off to Los Alamos for their parade and county fair. To get to Los Alamos, and home, we rode what is probably one of the most popular loop rides in the Albuquerque area.